Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tech Honors

Crystal is making me (Richard) blog this post, which is really hard to do because I hate talking about how awesome I am.  So now that it is established that I am awesome, I will proceed to tell you why.  I was selected for Technical Honors at work for my performance in 2010.  For those of you non-Raytheoners, it doesn't mean I was technically honored, it means I was honored for technical contributions.  The cool thing about tech honors is that it is peer-voted, so this is kinda like being on the nerd prom court.  What adds to my awesomeness is: (1) 2010 was my first year here, so I made a good impression quickly, and (2) I got tech honors in TX in 2009, making 2 years in a row!

There was a nice dinner and award ceremony that was far superior to the one in TX last year.  I was able to bring Crystal to share the evening with me.  My coworker Katie, below, said a few nice words about me and presented me with the award.

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  1. good job richard!!!! LOVE that you are on the nerd prom court!


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